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100 Day Qigong Program


Course Information:



Live in residential course in Highland Scotland, with training and supervision from Dr Bisong Guo



100 Days of straight practise, designed to build the foundations of Internal Alchemy in Qigong.


Chop Wood, Carry Water

Qigong exercises, work in the garden and house, along with reconnecting yourself with nature is a major part of the curriculum. These are an essential part of the Qi gong process in order for the body to purify and detoxify, as well as to generate a sense of groundedness, humbleness and heightened awareness.

Every facet of the program is constructed in a way to enable the student to experience the merger of themselves (the microcosm) with their greater environment (the macrocosmos).


100 days of consistent training allows the student to reach a stage where the internal qi and biological clock can tune into nature and establish a proper foundation for practise. 

The 100 days is very much a way of life where you begin to live in natural rhythms and immerse yourself in your own practice. During the course you will be involved with the day to day flow of the training centre and will learn all aspects of cultivation, including how to integrate training into your every day tasks of life. 


Commitment from Student:

100 Days Consistent Training

Per Ancient Techniques - each individual’s training is specifically tailored to their needs.



Food will be simple and nourishing meals, based on the energetic medicine of CCM.


£3,800 Pounds. (38 Pounds Per Day). 

This price is non negotiable and includes training, food and accommodation.

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