Ancient Daoist Meridian Massage

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Background of this therapy:

Combining ancient techniques with clinical experience; this technique is a culmination of over 40 years of practice and experimentation from a Daoist master. 


The I Jing, Qi Gong, Breathing, and Internal Alchemy were all combined together in order to create a relatively simple technique which can be used by anyone who has the patience and discipline to practice its methods and work on their own inner cultivation.


The founder of this technique has used this over 10,000 times in treatment and this method has never given side effects to patients.

Qualifications for this course:


You do not need to be a practitioner to enter this course.



This course is open to anyone who:


  • Wants to serve people selflessly for the greater good


  • Is willing to practise with great heart and discipline


  • Wants to learn an ancient healing modality transmitted by a Daoist master


  • Wants to learn a technique which has the potential to bring profound healing and wellbeing to people who seek it


  • Wants to move beyond the mind, and into the state of internal cultivation



What you will get out of this course:


  • An ancient method of cultivation that is usually kept in secret circles of daoist culture


  • Improved energy and connection to your own bodymind


  • A technique which can greatly improve the effectiveness of acupuncture, and other healing techniques


  • A stand alone therapy which can be used for friends, family and the public, which can increase patients health and wellbeing


  • An opportunity to ask questions about this technique and other selective internal cultivation with a highly experience practitioner


  • On completion of the course you will receive a certificate from CCMS. (Classical Chinese Medicine Society)



This course is taught in English and instructed by the founder of Classical Chinese Medicine Society - Dr Bisong Guo.




Highlands Scotland, Forres.



Available Spaces For This Course:



Limited to Six Participants Only.


Delivery Method:


Weekend 1:

During the first weekend, participants will learn basic Qigong methods such as Zhan Zhoung or standing Qigong to start to cleanse and strengthen the energy circuits of the body.

Introduction to the basic theory and form of the meridians will also be introduced, and students will learn the pathway of the inner meridians in the body and the main points acupuncture points on the body which largely effect the qi flow of those meridians.

A rationale of the underlying techniques behind this method will then be shown which incorporates the wisdom from many ancient texts such as the Yellow Emperor Internal Classic of Medicine and the I Jing.


Weekend 2:

In the second weekend students will learn Ling Yi Zhang or "Magic Hands" in English, a traditional Daoist practice for developing healing hands. Dedicated practice of this esoteric method will strengthen the light and power of the hands and prevent the practitioner draining their own Qi during treatment.


Magic Hands is a secret Daoist method that was previously only handed down in closed circles. Participants will need to practice this daily throughout the course to refine the quality of qi in their hands. This is an important foundation for the meridian massage work and can significantly strengthen whichever massage, acupuncture or healing work practitioners are already practicing.

Students will also be tested on their knowledge and skills from the previous weekend.

Weekend 3:

The Daoist meridian massage will be taught in the third weekend. It is a powerful stand-alone treatment or can be used to prepare the system for needling. Due to the combination of methods used, it is a highly efficient and very subtle therapy, facilitating deep changes in the body after a 10-15 min treatment.

This is taught on the third weekend intensively as the other two weekends provide the necessary framework to prepare one to be ready to learn this method hands on.



Examination Weekend:


Participants will refine their practice, treat patients and if they have achieved a high standard will be awarded a certificate validated by CCMS.



Healing effects of meridian massage:

1. Physical Level: Treats many types of illness caused by the blockage of meridian lines.

2. Treating the heart and emotions: Can be effective for many kinds of heart diseases, insomnia, tension, emotional instability etc.

3. Touching the spirit: It has the potential to lead patients into a deep and tranquil state with many having profound spiritual openings and experiences as a result. 



Price: £1,600


Private Coaching: £30,000



NB: This option is for those who want access to the rationales and deeper principles behind the therapy, and also for a chance to get personalised one to one coaching with Bisong Guo for this method. This option requires full commitment and dedication from the student as a practitioner of this method must hold deep respect for the technique and the effect it has on the patient. This is a special offer for those who join the course and seek deeper guidance for the 12 weeks the course is running outside of class time.


Next Course Dates:

Weekend 1: 30th - 31st May

Weekend 2: 4th - 5th July

Weekend 3: 15th - 16th August

Examination Date: 3rd October


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